Florida Assessment Information


With Florida finally releasing formal information to their laboratories on September 4th 2013, it is finally time to put some Florida specific information on my web site.


I would like to start by saying I know that this is confusing, and  alarming to  many of the laboratories currently accredited by Florida.  It is to be  expected, and we’ll all work through this together.  If it makes  any of you  feel any better consulting is new to me as well; and I’m  learning the ropes of  how to do things on my side (business wise) as  well.  Performing  assessments has been a part of my life for the last 4.5  years with the Kansas  Department of Health and Environment – so,  please be patient with me on the business side of things, and I assure  you that your assessment will go as  smoothly as possible!

Below you will find some frequently asked questions and answers – I’ve taken these both from the original FAQ provided by FDOH but also from questions I’ve been asked in the past few days.  I will add to them as more common questions come up!

What is changing with my laboratory’s assessments?

Florida Says: “The Department of Health will begin contracting out all routine on-site assessments.  The new process will be as intensive as previous assessments and the standards against which you are assessed will be the same.  The department is careful to write contracts that ensure the contract assessors are qualified.  You will receive the same or even better service as in the past.”

NOTE: Wade Consulting and Solutions is determined to insure that you receive the same or better service that FDOH has said will happen!

Under this new system, how will I get my assessment done?

The department will publish a list of providers and you will then be responsible for selecting one or multiple providers that can conduct your assessment to meet the requirements of your certification.  The department will make every effort to qualify the assessors according to the education, training, and experience necessary to do the job so you will still receive a high-quality and compliant assessment.

NOTE: Wade Consulting and Solutions can essentially summarize the basics.  FDOH will inform you of when your assessment is due with sufficient time to find an assessor.  You will submit your application to FDOH as you currently do (along with administrative fees), and then you will find an assessor for your laboratory from the approved list.  The assessor will complete the assessment and report back to you and FDOH.  The assessor also reviews the corrective actions and then provides their opinions to FDOH.  FDOH continues to make all final decisions regarding your assessment

So who pays the provider?

Florida Says: “Client laboratories will pay the provider directly in accordance with costs and terms agreed upon between the two parties.”

Note: Wade Consulting and Solutions does not charge for assessments in the same way that FDOH does.  An individual quote is provided for each laboratory based off of their current scope and any additions that they will be asking FDOH for. The basic fees are as follows:

Type of Charge

Notes Current Fees per hour


Documentation Review $50

Travel Time

Time in motion only 2 hour min 8 hour max. $25


Time spent on-site for assessment $150


Time spent writing report $50

Corrective Action Review

Time spent reviewing corrective actions $50

Travel Costs

Actual travel costs Actual

Extra (if needed)

Additional time on-site if needed – will be discussed $75


In the past, I have usually been able to submit an application for additional certification while the assessors were on site.  Will that still be possible?

Florida Says: “Yes; however, the providers will not be able to address any application we have not processed first, so the application would still have to be transmitted to us, processed, and then assigned back to the assessment team.  Assuming there are enough time and resources to do so, the provider may be able to address the application while the team is still on site.  Remember, though, there might be additional costs associated.  It is always better to plan ahead and apply in advance for any additional certifications you may need.  The difference now is that you have greater control over the speed at which an assessment can be arranged.”

Note: Wade Consulting and Solutions encourages you to try to and determine if any additions to your current scope will be occurring PRIOR to the quote so that the additional time needed can be factored in.  If on-site and a request is made and approved by FDOH additional time maybe needed (see above “Extra”).  This will be decided upon and documented with WCS and the laboratory prior to closure.  If there are changes to travel arrangements due to the laboratory asking for additions they will be expected to pay any change fees associated.

 How does Wade Consulting and Solutions charge travel?

I’ve never been a fan of playing travel agent, but I’ve done it for my family for many years now.  Essentially the actual travel costs will be reimbursed by the laboratory – thus your final costs may differ from your estimate – if there is an increase I will let you know ahead of time.  I will strive to reduce costs to the laboratories when at all possible by using a variety of methods including discounted rates, coupons, and splitting travel costs between labs if I am able to do more than one assessment on a trip to Florida.  I will make every attempt to stay within rates for hotels and per diem as approved by the State of Florida.  If your facility has a discounted rate available for any portion of the travel by contract with a company PLEASE let me know, and I will utilize that.  I also charge a base mileage fee for my travel from my home in Lawrence, KS to the airport in Kansas City, MO; and an hourly rate of at least 2 hours but no more than 8 hours.  That time will only be charged for time spent in motion, and not for layovers, etc.