The NELAC Institute

The NELAC Institute (TNI) is (among many other things) consensus standards setting organization behind the current 2009 TNI Standard.  Standard writing however is only a very small portion of what they do!  I encourage each and every one of you visiting my website to spend some time perusing TNI’s website.  And don’t’ forget to check out the conferences page – The Forum on Laboratory Accreditation is by far the most entertaining two weeks of my year!


2009 TNI Standard

The 2009 TNI Standard was adopted by the NELAP Accreditation Bodies on August 14, 2009.  Despite problems with individual states adopting the standards into regulations, and a failure to meet the July 1, 2011 implementation date originally scheduled it is widely accepted that the 2003 NELAC Standard and the 2009 TNI Standard have so few major differences in regards to the laboratories that the 15 Accreditation Bodies currently composing the NELAP Accreditation Council still continue to mutually recognize each other’s accreditations.


TNI Standard/NELAC Standard Interpretation Requests

Often times there is confusion when reading both the 2009 TNI Standard and the 2003 NELAC Standards, you may find yourself asking “what exactly do they mean?”.   While Michelle from Kansas would love to assist you through the process, you may start by seeing if anyone else has asked the same question! Through an extensive and evolving Standard Interpretation Request process TNI promotes consistency amongst laboratories and accreditation bodies by answering the questions you are dying to know the answers to.


National Environmental Measurement Conference

The National Environmental Measurement Conference is held in conjunction with TNI’s Forum on Laboratory accreditation during the summer.


EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act

Everything you ever wanted to know about EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act can be found on this page:


Approved Drinking Water Methods

Looking for an approved drinking water method, look no further – but, be sure to check with your state to make sure that they will certify you for it.


EPA’s Clean Water Act

The Clean Water Act celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012.  If you’re still not certain what it is or what it means I’d recommend a nice glass of wine and a few hours to peruse the following portion of the EPA’s website.


Method Update Rule – CWA

In May of 2012 the EPA posted the newest Method Update Rule (MUR) for the Clean Water Act.  The MUR set the accredited wastewater laboratory industry into an uproar, mostly due to the multiple changes that have been made.  If you’re wondering what new methods were approved, or if the change you’d like to make to your current method may be acceptable I encourage you to spend some time getting to know the MUR.


EPA’s Resource Conservation and Recovery Act

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) it’s all here:


RCRA Methods

While the RCRA information is great, we all know that you really just want the link for the RCRA methods.  Well they’re listed, and mostly downloadable here:


National Environmental Methods Index

The National Environmental Methods Index provides a searchable mechanism to find many (but not all) EPA approved methods.  It is however, a great starting point for those needing to find a method for a particular analyte.


Environmental Laboratory Advisory Board – EPA

After rejoining the national environmental laboratory scene in 2009, my personal goal became becoming a member of the Environmental Laboratory Advisory Board.  Little did I know that I was the first state employee in the nation to become a member since it’s inception in 1995.  This federal advisory committee for provides the EPA with information pertaining to national environmental laboratory accreditation.


Florida Society of Environmental Analysts

Despite being from Kansas, I have a deep love of beaches and palm trees.  The prairie may forever be my home, but everybody needs a vacation spot.  Doing what every good environmental professional does, you find a conference in your favorite spot and attend it.  The Florida Society of Environmental Analysts is a wonderful statewide group that promotes education of environmental professionals within the state.


Florida Society of Environmental Analysts Compilation of Privatization Information

In April of 2012 the Florida Legislature changed the statute regarding environmental laboratory certification, requiring the Florida Department of Health to privatize portions of their program.  Since that time all eyes have been on Florida waiting and watching to see what will happen, in what I like to call the “Florida Experiment”.  The FSEA has done a good compilation of information in the following link:


FSEA 3rd Party Accreditation Bodies – Presentation

In October of 2012, I attended the FSEA Meeting and Technical Session in West Palm Beach.  Besides braving hurricane Sandy, I also presented a brief presentation on 3rd Party Accreditation Bodies to the FSEA Membership.  Following up the issue of privatization of Florida’s accreditation program with fact based information for the laboratory community.  You can find a PDF of my presentation here: