25 Jun 2014

Summer Adventures

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The May FSEA conference kicked off my summer of new adventures!  Fortunately Florida isn’t that much different (hot, sunny and humid) than eastern Kansas in the summer – so the weather isn’t much of a shock to me!

Thanks to all of you my schedule has been rather full so far this summer.  And between trips to labs I’ve been trying to take in the local “scene” as much as possible on my journeys as well.  Between great local restaurants and fresh seafood, ice cream on the beach, frozen drinks by the pool in the evening, and even the occasional more eccentric stop (think little lizard tattoo inspired by Florida’s little lizards running around everywhere) my evenings have been a bit more exciting than the normal work in my room.  BUT – there’s still been plenty of work in my hotel rooms as well.

I’m currently playing “stay at home mom” for a few weeks with my beautiful children and enjoying the wonders of my own home state.  We’re having a grand time – and I’m enjoying the moments (between the bickering that is bound to happen with two kids).

Here’s to a productive summer!



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