Wade Consulting and Solutions is dedicated to assisting accredited and/or regulated laboratories in the environmental industry in providing data of known and documented quality.  Some of the services provided include: assessments, data review and validation, and personalized training.

Michelle from Kansas has an extensive quality systems background, and has worked for and with NELAP accredited laboratories for several years. Through involvement with The NELAC Institute (TNI), Environmental Laboratory Advisory Board (ELAB), and various other state and federal level organizations Michelle has proven time and time again her dedication to the vision of environmental laboratory accreditation on the national level for laboratories both large and small.

Michelle currently has current training as an assessor for the 2003 NELAC Standard, the 2009 TNI Standard and holds certification as an EPA Drinking Water Certification Officer for both Chemistry and Microbiology.

FSEA Annual Fall Meeting and Technical Session

It’s time again!  Registration for the annual FSEA Fall Meeting and Technical Session is open!

Of course the FSEA meetings are a big hit with all my Florida friends and clients – but I highly encourage anybody in the industry that can find the time and funds to head down and check it out!

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LabHandler Blog

A dear friend of mine has started a Blog that I’m going to share with you on this post.  For all my QA friends out there you’ll find her insight beautiful!


Thanks LabHandler for sharing!

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